5 Plugins To Help Scan The WordPress Site For Malware And Hacks

Digital boom also has an ugly face in the form of hacking. With so many websites on the internet, the need for safety has become a top priority. Websites are attacked on a daily basis with malware & hacking and WordPress being an open source CMS platform is at a greater risk of attacks. Even if you have enabled the security feature of your website, it will still be vulnerable to hacking and malware.

When you create a WordPress website, naturally you would want it to work fine without any security risk or issue. A single security feature would not suffice in today’s times. You need to pay heed to internal security as well.

Why Security is Important for a WordPress Website?

As a user-friendly CMS,  WordPress is a popular target for hackers and spammers. According to a survey, more than 70% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hack attacks. Hackers not only attack the sites that have good traffic flow, but they also attack new sites.

The motive behind attacking new sites is using the server base. They hack the site’s server and send spam emails from the server. So, irrespective of whether the site is new or old, it’s important to secure and scan the site on a daily basis. Regular scanning for malware should be a part of your daily WordPress website maintenance checklist. Also, here are a few good plugins that you can use to scan your WordPress site for malware and hacks.

Plugins To Scan The WordPress Site for Malware and Hacks

Wordfence is a popular plugin with over 2 million installations worldwide. It’s packed with many features that help keep your site secured. The best part about this security plugin is the malware scanner. The scanner even detects the latest threats as you can update it frequently. Also, the scanner not only scans WordPress themes but also core files and content of your site.

  • This plugin scans your site for backdoors, malware, malicious code and URL redirects.
  • It helps to identify those files that are not WordPress related so you can delete the files that contain malware.
  • It lets you replace all the infected files with the original WordPress files.
  • It also lets you check the content, pictures and videos for malware, which is good for third-party installation.

This plugin allows you to scan on a real-time basis and offers protection from brute force attack. The plugin updates are done daily for the paid version and monthly for the free version. The Wordfence security plugin also follows a transparent method to scan for all variations of WordPress.org files. Even the variations that are identified and flagged. In short, it’s a complete package for your scanning needs.

It’s a new plugin that offers the same effectiveness in cleaning up your site. CleanTalk is perhaps the first plugin that allows heuristic scanning. This scanning option detects unknown malware that works on scripts. This is like an added protection for your website. This plugin helps you to scan your entire website, delete the malware and identify added threats.

Using the heuristic feature of the plugin, it identifies the unknown malware and deletes it to keep your site safe. The best part about this plugin is it lets you scan your database for SQL injection. It lets you control the security function for future attacks and hacking.

This plugin’s one-of-a-kind scanning feature enables 360-degree protection of your website. Every malware new or old can be identified with this. With the SQL injection feature, it deletes and detects scripts that inject new malware to your database.

This plugin provides complete protection with its powerful scanning feature. The plugin is free so you can access support option through the WordPress support forum too. It’s a great plugin that has some amazing safety features to protect your site from hacks and malware.

Sucuri is perhaps the best plugin for cleaning up your WordPress website. It has many cleaning tools with effective scanning options. It prevents your site from malicious codes and malware. With over 400K installations, it’s indeed the best choice for malware scanning. This plugin enables the complete security of your WordPress site.

  • It scans the site for malicious codes and malware and prevents future threats.
  • It allows you to run a file integrity check.
  • It lets you check the site for blacklisting or blocked anti-virus programs.
  • It controls your site function for future malware and hacking threats.
  • It helps to scan all the WordPress core files against the original files of WordPress.org. This helps in deleting the files that contain malware.

The best part is it gives you a notification every time there is a malware threat to your site. As the plugin has complete integrity scanning option, it detects malicious threats with good accuracy.

There are two versions of this plugin. With free installation, you can scan your website remotely. Premium version offers more features and is powerful too. If you install the premium version, it also has a good chat support feature. But, you can also contact the support team through email if there is an issue with the plugin.

Anti malware security for wordpress site

This plugin is effective to get you out of a messy malware situation. Other malware scanners ask you to scan and remove threats on a manual basis. But, this plugin automatically removes the detected malware in your database without asking thus keeping your site safe. It asks for permission for potential malware so that you can decide whether to delete it or not.

With this plugin, you can run a complete malware scan to detect existing malware in your database. It deletes the confirmed malware to keep your site safe and clean.

This plugin also has a firewall feature that blocks unknown hackers and possible vulnerabilities. It updates automatically to give you complete ongoing protection. Plus, since it only focuses on malware identification and detection, its the best plugin you can install.

It works like antivirus to give your site complete protection from possible threats in the future. You can install the plugin for free or pay for the premium version that is available. With both the options, there is forum support available. The response of the support team is effective and prompt, so you won’t face any problem with this WordPress plugin.

MalCare Security

MalCare plugin offers complete clear-out features if you compare it with other security plugins. The best part is MalCare is effective in cleaning a hacked WordPress website. It also protects the site from future security threats. MalCare plugin was developed keeping in mind 2,40,000 WordPress websites so its reach is good. MalCare has a collective intelligence feature that provides layered protection to any WordPress site. This plugin enables you to run a thorough scan that detects existing and new malware threats. It also helps to disinfect your site and removes all the malware.

  • It has a firewall security feature that blocks suspicious IP address and malicious attempts to login.
  • It lets you protect your site for unauthorized hacking.
  • It has a regular backup feature that can be used all year around.
  • If you scan with this plugin, it also lets you find old and new malware to give you complete protection.

This plugin saves your time as you can scan your site with the one-click auto-cleaner feature. MalCare has effective site management feature that helps you to update outdated themes, plugins and core files. It also allows you to delete and add new users along with client reporting. MalCare security plugin also offers chat support feature so you can contact the support team if you have any issues.

Final Words,

Malware and hacking attacks not only affect your site’s performance but also cause problems in your internal database. To ensure that your site functions well, it’s important to install a plugin that scans for malware. Free plugins offer you best features for scanning and remove all the possible threats from your site.

With premium plugins, you can expect some added features too. It’s important that you scan your WordPress website on a regular basis for possible threats. Also, update your malware scanning plugins for advanced features and fixing of bugs.

Have you installed a plugin for scanning malware? If not, do it today to keep your site safe.

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