How to become a freelance illustrator

Becoming a freelance illustrator is now a popular choice among many people. There are some reasons to be a freelance illustrator. Today, the need and demand for design activities are at the top.

For any type of business, company, or program, we see the necessity of design work. To make a design work, we need an illustrator. There are two types of an illustrator; full-time and freelance illustrator.

A freelance illustrator provides service on a contractual basis. Freelance illustrators also provide their service through online platforms. It’s easy to become a freelance illustrator if you follow a well-planned way.

Are you planning to become a freelance illustrator? Are you facing any trouble to start your journey to become a successful freelance illustrator?

Okay, here is the complete guideline for you to become a freelance illustrator. Just follow the following steps. Hopefully, you will have a good start as a freelance illustrator very soon.

The possibility of success as a freelance illustrator is very high. IBISWorld made a survey in 2019 on the generation of US revenue. The research revealed that the revenue reached $15 billion from graphic design.

This survey shows the high increase of revenue from the graphic design industries.

Another survey of Brandongaille says that the employment rate of freelance illustrator will increase up to 7%. So, your choice of becoming a freelance illustrator is a better one according to this survey.

According to the statistics of Red Website Design’s, 94% people won’t show their interest towards the websites that have poor designs.

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Figure: The increasing rate of freelance illustration work.

Salary of freelance illustrator

Now the salary of the freelance illustrators is better than previous times. The yearly salary of a freelance illustrator in US is $59,837. On the other hand, While ZipRecruiter tells that the ranges of average salary in USA are:

  • Annual salary range is $37,000 to $70,000
  • Monthly salary range is $3,083 to $5833
  • Weekly salary range is $712 to $1346
  • Hourly salary from $18 to $34.

Figure: salary of the freelance illustrators

The salary range is really appealing to any freelance illustrator. So, you may start your journey to be a successful freelance illustrator. 

Do you know the future of freelance illustration work?

The future is surely bright for the freelance illustrators. The demand of design work is increasing rapidly. From morning to night, we see the use of design works everywhere both online and offline.

Now you may want to know the way of becoming a successful freelance illustrator. Here is the complete guideline for knowing the steps of becoming a freelance illustrator.

Live and sleep with illustration

Why am I talking in this way? The reason is very simple. You may know that each creative job requires time and effort to get the best output. Imagination is the most significant thing for an illustrator.

One needs to keep one engaged as much as possible in design activities. This will clarify so many things related to illustration. Here, I mean to keep you busy with a different type of illustration works.

Spend your most valued time in design work to prepare yourself as a better freelance illustrator.

Make a concrete plan

There is no alternative to well-planned activity. Your plan should be very much clear to you. The plan may cover the amount of time you will spend on learning illustrator, the time you will spend for practice, etc.

The most important factor is to execute the plan you have set. You need to focus on executing your plan to master illustration skills. So make a plan and give a sincere effort to master illustration.

You also need to check whether everything is going according to the plan or not. If you see any gap between your plan and action, fill the gap as soon as possible.

Besides, your plan should not reflect rush. Instead, you will move forward steadily. Any unnecessary rush will spoil your plan. So, be the steadiest learner to make you as a successful freelance illustrator.

Improve your skill

Skill is the supreme factor in any kind of design activity. Just knowing illustration is not worth enough to make you a successful freelance illustrator. You may think for some better skill development plan.

Now skill development course is available both in online and offline. Thus, it’s very easy to improve your skill in illustration work. There are many international websites that provide illustration service.

You may make a habit of regular reading of some blogs and articles related to illustration work. From there, you will have some theoretical explanations of your work.

Also, you need to do a lot of practice. You will fail to master the skill of illustration activity if you practice it less. In the time of your practice, you will face some problems. And, this problem will be clear.

Others’ illustration works can also be your motivation and inspiration. You may learn various illustration concepts from the illustration works of other illustrators. So, keep following others’ illustration works.

Each of your new concepts needs to be used in your practice. This is how you will learn to apply different illustration concepts in your designs.

Create Portfolio

A portfolio is a showcase of your daily or best works. It is a compilation of your illustration works. A portfolio is important for the next steps of becoming a freelance illustrator.

You will store your best works here in the portfolio. You may further delete or add some works according to your need. Some days later, you will see that your skill has been improved and your previous works are no more standard.

Then, you will erase these works from your portfolio. On the other hand, you will continue designing new illustrations. Therefore, you will find that some of your new works are very nice and catchy.

In this case, you will update your portfolio with newer illustration concepts. And, it will be a continuous way throughout your profession as an illustrator.

Another importance of creating a portfolio is to show others. As your target is to become a freelance illustrator, you need to have a nice portfolio. You need it to show your clients.

Often, the clients will ask for your portfolio to understand your capacity and skill in illustration work. So, create a nice and appealing portfolio for the clients.

Your portfolio is the witness of your skill in illustration works. Hence, make it as strong as possible.

Grow your popularity

You need to be familiar with the people. As your aim is to be a freelance illustrator, you need to make people aware of your freelance illustration service.

 If they never hear about you and your service, they will never call you for any help. For this, you need to present yourself to the community.

How can I promote myself? What are the most effective ways to promote me?

A number of ways are there to promote you. People spend a notable time using online media. The most prominent ones are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

You may create your profile on these social media sites. Then, you need to be connected to a large group of people. Within a very short time, you can have a good connection with a large community.

After this, you can present your best illustration works before the online community. Many people from the online community may need illustration help. As they will know you from social media, they will definitely hire you for their illustration works.

Ask for feedback

You still need to improve your skill in illustration work. As you already have a good connection with a large community, you may present your illustration idea before them for feedback.

Remember! The feedback you will ask for from the online community or people around you may be negative. But you should not take it negatively. Rather, it’s an opportunity for your skill development.

After getting feedback from the people, you need to work on the part they do not like much. This will help you to improve your illustration skill.

Along with this, you will learn the way to please people with your illustration concepts.

Do illustration works locally

Before entering into an online marketplace as a freelance illustrator, it is better to work in local sectors. If you work in local fields for a few months, you will acquire the skill more effectively.

This will help you to work on any online platform as a successful freelance illustrator. So, try to find the sources of local illustration working sources to improve the quality of your illustration work.

Create a profile in marketplaces

After covering the steps successfully, you may now create profiles in the online illustration design service providing marketplaces. There you will find a good source of freelance illustration work

It will help you to settle your career as a successful freelance illustrator. If you can manage everything well, you will earn a good amount from your job.

Perhaps you have understood the process of starting your journey as a freelance illustrator. Yet, you may ask anything for clarification. You will get us in no time.

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