Facebook Zero Update: All That You Need to Know to Stay Ahead in 2018 (And Beyond)

On January 11, 2018, Facebook announced the introduction of the much talked about ‘Facebook Zero Update‘ and the news spread like wildfire creating a world of ruckus amongst brands and social media marketers worldwide.

Like every other social media marketer, we too became concerned about the impact of Facebook’s recent news feed algorithm update.

I’m sure you to have been wondering:

How Facebook Zero Update will affect your social media marketing?

In today’s post, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about Facebook Zero Update.

Let’s do this.

What is Facebook Zero Update?

Facebook Zero Update is the recent algorithm updated rolled by Facebook to prioritize more “meaningful” social interactions. It’s called Zero Update because a large number of marketers and experts believe that algorithm updates is an indication to zero organic reach for Brand Pages on Facebook.

Facebook’s Zero Update is an important update because the social media giant has clearly revealed that person-to-person connections are more relevant. The idea is to rank content that users are most interested in seeing in their newsfeed.

Here’s what Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg explained in his Facebook post about the newsfeed algorithm update:

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook post

As you can see Mark Zuckerberg reveals that Facebook’s research found that brand posts and content have been invading users’ interactions.

What Does Facebook Zero Update Actually Mean to Marketers?

If Facebook will promote more personal content in user news feed, there would be lesser room for branded content. This means that once Facebook zero update comes into effect, Facebook will promote more personal content in user news feed, there would be lesser room for branded content. Resultantly, brands and marketers will definitely be a dip in the organic reach for their Facebook Pages.

According to a research, the average Facebook page reach is 2.6%. And when Facebook Zero is rolled out completely, this organic page reach will go down even further.

average Facebook page reach

You probably already know:

Facebook uses user engagement metrics (“Shares, Likes, and Comments) as major ranking factors to rank posts in the newsfeed update. This is referred to as PageRank. And until now PageRank for branded posts was directly proportional to the over engagement for the posts.

Facebook Engagement correlates with reach

As it turns out:

Facebook will now consider new metrics including average time spent on posts and user-publisher history to rank content in user newsfeed. This means it will become difficult than ever for brands and marketers to make users fall in love with their content and choose them to appear in their newsfeed by opting for “See First” preference in the news feed settings.

I’m sure:

All this has made you curious to know how you can reach out to more of your Facebook page followers organically.

How to Reach Out to More Facebook Users Organically in 2018?

When Facebook users see your branded content in their news feed, two things happen:

They just ignore your posts and scroll down to other posts…

…or they stick around checking your posts.

So once Facebook Zero update is rolled out…

If Facebook users will stick on your Facebook posts like superglue, Facebook will get to know:

“This is a meaningful interaction. Let’s rank it better on users’ news feed.”

But if users will end up ignoring your Facebook Posts, Facebook will drop your organic reach like a stone.

So if you’re looking to increase your organic reach on Facebook and combat the Zero update, do well to create meaningful content that yield enough power and potential to catch the attention of your users right from the get-go.

Talking of meaningful content…

What Type of Content Should You Use on Facebook in 2018 (and Beyond)?

Once Facebook’s new newsfeed algorithm update is rolled out completely, only meaningful content with potential to instigate user interest and interactions will rank.

Here’s what you must do:

  1. Build content that asks questions and encourages users to provide answers. This will help you involve users in your Facebook content signalling to Facebook that your content is meaningful and interactive.
  2. Facebook Groups remain active in terms of meaningful interaction and conversations around relevant content. Therefore, it makes sense to post you branded content in Facebook groups and communities to grab more and more eyes of your Facebook content.
  3. Build posts seeking recommendations from family and friends. Remember, 71% social media users prefer recommendations and reviews of their network of friends. So posts seeking recommendations and reviews from users and their network are likely to be pushed to the top of the newsfeed following Facebook zero update.
  4. Build Facebook content that can drive discussions and debates and allows users to share their opinion in the comments.
  5. Invest your time creating ‘Live Videos” or creating stories around trending topics that resonate well to the needs of your target audiences. You can expect to see posts with more meaningful conversations including long comments. In addition, news stories and media uploads that are shared by friends and family will also show up higher in the news feed.

Influencer Marketing will become Important for Brands Post Facebook Zero Update

You probably already know:

Influencer marketing has already become a fad.

But here’s something you don’t know:

Influencer marketing will become important than ever after Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm update. More and more brands and marketers will now collaborate with influencers to push their Facebook content higher on their target audiences’ newsfeed.


Because 49% social media users follow influencer recommendations and influencer can help brands get more visibility and reach for their branded content quickly on Facebook. In fact, more social media users tend to follow the recommendations of influencers than follow sponsored content or Facebook ads.

Bottom line?

If you are looking to reach out to a targeted segment of audiences on Facebook in 2018 and beyond, then you’ll definitely need to identify influencers who can start meaningful and conversation-driven conversations about your brand.

Talking of Facebook ads…

What will be the Impact of Newsfeed Algorithm Update on Facebook Ads?

Facebook has already revealed that there will be no impact of the Zero algorithm update on Facebook ads.

But here’s something you must know:

Newsfeed algorithm update is definitely going to bring about a dramatic change in the way people consume content at Facebook. And this could mean the cost of Facebook ads may rise manifolds in the near future.

And that’s not all:

Since Facebook will now emphasize more on interactions (comment & shares) and the average time spent on the post, ads involving clicks and views may increase. All in all, soon Facebook advertisers may be faced with different costs basis their ad delivery goals. These ad delivery goals could be clicks, conversions or impressions.

Let’s now give you a recap of some quick tips to help you sail smoothly through the much talked about Facebook Zero update.

5 Quick Tips to Ensure Maximum Organic Reach on Facebook

  1. Know your target audiences. Understand their requirements, tastes and preference in terms of content consumption on Facebook and then create content that resonates well with your target audiences.
  2. Let your fans and followers know how they can continue to see your content on Facebook by selecting ‘See First’ in their newsfeed settings.
  3. Collaborate with influencers that are passionate about your products and services. Co-create content with them to reach out to maximum number of people on Facebook.
  4. Be proactive and entertaining in order to build an engaged community of fans and followers on Facebook. Join different groups related to your business and be active in the groups. Ask your audiences to share your posts, provide recommendations and comment.
  5. Don’t forget to create some hard-hitting, knowledge-packed and entertaining Facebook ‘Live’ videos. Live videos are here to stay and will help you sail through this algorithm transition smoothly and conveniently.

Now it’s Your Turn!

You’ve just read everything that you must know about Facebook Zero Update. Remember, the social media giant is focusing on meaningful interactions so play by the rules if you’re looking to stay in the game.

Got a tip to help Facebook marketers to reach out to more users? Or have a question about something you’ve read?

Either ways leave a comment and let me know.

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